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Topic #10 : CavePacker multi-platform Sokoban


i've written my own sokoban client. i'm currently thinking about adding multiplayer support to it - where two or more people have to play one level in order to get a puzzle solved.

it's gpl3 and data is also free.


also available as an android app

it's called CavePacker.
#0 Posted: 2014-10-02 14:37:05 (UTC) by mattn

Looks interesting!

Except I don't have Android to try it out.

Is the Windows binary available for download ?
#1 Posted: 2014-10-03 00:59:32 (UTC) by anian

I will create a windows binary and add it to my homepage.
#2 Posted: 2014-10-03 18:05:30 (UTC) by mattn

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