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Topic #12 : Sokoban Levels Design Contest


Hello all.

I would like to
announce, the opening of a new contest site. This contest is called
"Sokoban Levels Design Contest", and is intended to further the art and
science of small and medium Sokoban level designs. It
is based on an automated solver, and levels are measured simply by the
move length of the optimal solution.  If you are interested in Sokoban
level design, Sokoban programming,  or just have too much spare time,
and yearning to attack a new challenge and win
some twisty cool prizes, please visit, and join  the contest  at:


#0 Posted: 2015-03-28 09:00:24 (UTC) by porcorsso

Interesting contest!
#1 Posted: 2015-03-29 10:11:35 (UTC) by chao

This was a very fun contest!

The site is gone sadly, does anyone have a copy?

and a copy of all the levels that people created too?
#2 Posted: 2016-03-10 02:43:00 (UTC) by rain1

A copy of all the levels was posted on the let's logic site already:   www.letslogic.com

Levels are interesting, but the rules can be better.
These were already discussed fully in Yahoo's group for the competition.

#3 Posted: 2016-03-10 05:26:29 (UTC) by anian

Thank you, Can I download from lets logic?

I noticed that a few people found exactly the same winning levels! I think it's because they were optimal. What do you think?

Have new rules been proposed?
#4 Posted: 2016-03-10 14:53:09 (UTC) by rain1

For all the details regarding discussion, you can read all the details in the group:


In general, I think it's difficult to come up with identical levels (unless that's the so-called FIBO level construct -- because that's a known construct).

Even for optimal levels, they can be different constructs.   Not necessary the same.

#5 Posted: 2016-03-10 22:09:10 (UTC) by anian

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