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Topic #58 : Copied levels

The levels #591 to #682 are ALL copies of older levels, many Thinking Rabbits.
I suggest these levels should be removed.

#0 Posted: 2019-11-21 17:12:27 (UTC) by DrFogh

Possibly, they are coming from mine...
So, I am looking for the authors of these levels, tried in this way (nothing meore!), without of results, too. It could be wery nice if you were tell me that!
Valdis B.
#1 Posted: 2019-11-23 09:15:25 (UTC) by Valdis

I think they should be removed as well.

90% +  of them are from Thinking Rabbit sets.
At least one is not . 
For example, level 682, is really level 2 of the "12 blocks" set by xbluejmx.
Level 683 is a remodel of the Perfect set level 278.   The authors are:  Yasuhiro Morita + York Shen + zhenying

I didn't bother to go thru all of them.

Valdis, I think it's not a good idea to publish all these levels on this site just to try to find out who the  level authors are.
If you want to know the authors, or at least which level set the level comes from, you can easily do on your own using the SOKODUP or SOKOFIND tool and compare it against the levels on the letslogic.com site.

We encourage everyone to publish their own level here.
But we do not want people to simply just post levels they know they didn't create.

If after using SOKODUP and SOKOFIND and you still have questions on who the authors are for a given level, please feel free to create a topic and post the level and then we can discuss.
#2 Posted: 2019-11-24 04:03:06 (UTC) by anian

I spent a little time going over all the levels from #591 to #682.
Other than the 16 levels below, the rest are matched 100% from existing levels, mostly from Thinking Rabbit level sets.

For the 16 levels that didn't match, I have details on them below:

; 591 -- easier version of level 1 of the "Smaller Thinner" set by Marti Homs Caussa.

; 593 -- easier version of level 24 of the "Smaller Thinner" set by Marti Homs Caussa.

; 594 -- obviously an easier version of level 100 of Boxworld -- which is the same as level 42 of the Thinking Rabbit's Perfect set.

; 596  -- really the same as level 7 of Boxxle.

; 597  -- an easier version of level 8 of Boxxle.

; 603  -- an easier version of level 17 of Boxxle.

; 605  -- an easier version of level 18 of Boxxle.

; 610 -- really same level as level 1 of Boxxle.

; 613 -- easier version of level 27 of Boxxle.

; 615 -- easier version of level 9 of Boxxle II.

; 616 -- easier version of level 53 of Boxxle.

; 617 -- easier version of level 105 of Boxxle.

; 618 -- easier version of level 10 of Boxxle II.

; 620 -- easier version of level 50 of Boxxle II.

; 623 -- easier version of level 38 of Boxxle II.

; 628 -- a remodel of level 1 of the Serena 08 set (by Eric Tchong, the Sokoban Thief),
          which in turn is stolen from David Holland's Maelstrom Collection level 1.

In case you didn't know, Eric has stolen many many levels from others and I called him the Sokoban Thief.

#3 Posted: 2019-11-25 04:56:31 (UTC) by anian

Dear anian,
of course, remove them (as an administrator you can). I really regret my publishing, but... at least I have got the real / useful answer from you. Many, many thanks!!
#4 Posted: 2019-12-01 06:25:54 (UTC) by Valdis

Hi Valdis,  you're welcome!

If you have more questions regarding levels, please feel free to create a forum topic and then post the levels.
#5 Posted: 2019-12-01 16:27:46 (UTC) by anian

May I suggest the entries being removed totally. You need to click 9 times on "Older" to get to something else than "Removed". A newcomer to sokoban.org might get bored at the 8th click and never discover the actually existing levels
#6 Posted: 2019-12-15 12:27:39 (UTC) by DrFogh

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